Miniflex SitRite

Miniflex SitRite is an electric indoor wheelchair with minimal external dimensions and a simple reliable design. Its small, versatile format is much appreciated, as is the advanced work chair seat that has been produced in conjunction with seat ergonomics experts. It enables the user to get close to desks and work areas. Miniflex is a front wheel drive chair, with the slightly larger drive wheels enabling the user to ride over thresholds with ease. The lead rear wheel pair allows the wheelchair to keep in constant contact with the floor.

Accessory code E10

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Technical details


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The benefits of SitRite are concealed under the surface of the seat, in the two foam materials with different densities. The lower, harder, foam section helps to hold the pelvis in a good position, while the upper, softer, foam section achieves a distribution of pressure by being thicker under the seat bones than it is under the thighs. SitRite is an excellent example of how design and density combine to create better balance, straightening of the spine, and control of hand movements. All in order to create the best level of comfort and stability.

The SitRite back has an ergonomic form, which supports a large part of the trunk without impairing the arm’s freedom of movement. Pressure is distributed over a large area, and the trunk is also supported at the sides, which enhances comfort, increases stability and reduces fatigue when the user has a reduced sitting capability. When the trunk is stable, the control of the hands and head’s movements is also improved.

Seat (width x depth)40x40, 40x45, 45x45, 45x50, 50x50 cm
Seat width (between armrests)38-56 cm
Seat depth40-50 cm
Seat height (height to the underside of the seat)40-58, 45-70 cm
Seated handle screw-17º till +17º
Seated crank-27º till +17º
Seated gas-24º till +8º
Seated electric-24º till +12º
Backrest height, adjustable37-62 cm
Back (width x height) - SitRite37x43, 42x45, 47x47 cm
- SitRite LS24x43, 28x45, 33x47 cm
Back angulation30º
DressBlack Atlantic
Armrest height, adjustable0-26 cm
Armrest plate30x8x3 cm


The smallest chair chassis for indoor use on the market is no larger than a traditional work chair. The easy-to-operate and compact design makes it easy to get close to desks or work surfaces. The chassis is front-wheel driven with an articulated rear axle, which means that the rear pairs of wheels are always in contact with the floor.

Chassis, width57 cm
Chassis, length72 cm
Total weight60 kg
User weight, max140 kg
turning radius60 cm
Max speed4 km/h
Max mileageca 15 km
Obstacle capture3 cm
Drive wheel size225 mm
Link wheel size125 mm


Product sheet MiniFlex SitRite


Reconditioning Electric Wheelchair -indoors


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