Electric wheelchairs

Our quality power wheelchairs have been developed to be easy to use and to work in various everyday situations, both indoors and outdoors. By offering a wide range of models, flexible systems with various seat options, and a large selection of accessories, we can offer a chair that can be customised to the unique needs of each user.



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Flexmobil SitRite

A small and smooth electric wheelchair that is fully adapted for indoor use. By reaching higher than any other chair, it offers greater freedom.

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Flexmobil Junior SitRite

The same smooth indoor wheelchair is also available for children. By reaching higher than any other chair, it offers greater freedom in the home and at school.

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Flexmobil Comfort II

When a chair is to be used for long, sustained periods of time, enhanced seating comfort is essential, and this is achieved using our unique seat that provides ergonomic support for the whole body.

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Miniflex SitRite

A smooth and easy to operate electric indoor wheelchair with a high level of seat comfort. The chair’s minimal outer dimensions make it easy to get close to a desk or work surface.

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Miniflex Junior SitRite

An electric child’s wheelchair for indoor use that has been produced to give good freedom of movement. The electric seat lift means that the user can get close to a table or desk at the right height.

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