Environment & quality


Cornerstones of our quality assurance work:

  • Carry out daily work in a quality-assured manner
  • Provide products with user and service information that is quality assured
  • Offer products and information that meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Regulation MDR 2017/745
  • Comply with other laws and regulations
  • Pursue continual improvement in working methods, product development, and information
  • Document, evaluate, and rectify non-conformances and incidents
  • Carry out risk analyses in connection with the development of new products, in the event of product changes and special adaptations
  • Document all product changes to ensure traceability
  • Review of the business’s risks, as well as supplier assessment, is done on a regular basis


Cornerstones of our environmental management work:

  • Develop and construct products specifically for a long service life
  • Take opportunities for recycling into account in product development work
  • Strive for parts to be replaceable, to extend the life of the product
  • Manufacture the main products in own premises in Sweden, for full control of constituent parts and handling
  • Choose subcontractors that are local in order to minimise transport use
  • As far as possible, use recycled material in components and packaging
  • Use transport companies that actively work with sustainability issues
  • Choose components based on environment considerations and ensure that these comply with the requirements of the REACH chemicals ordinance. SVHC substances listed on the Candidate List may not be used in products. In the case of electronic products, suppliers are required to comply with the rules of the RoHS directive.
  • Choose textiles that are OekoTex certified.