About Eurovema

Eurovema Mobility AB is part of the Weland Group, which is characterised by a high rate of investment and desire to continually improve and development. Eurovema Mobility develops, manufactures, and markets medical mobility devices under a number of different brands – Euroflex work chairs and electric indoor wheelchair, Alvema children’s products and pushchairs, and Volaris rollators. The products are Swedish-made, at our own facilities in Gislaved.

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Since 1977, Eurovema has manufactured that have been developed in close collaboration with users, researchers, and professionalis within the entire care chain. With our products and unique solutions, we want to contribute to increased mobility, not just physical but also social mobility. For all of life’s changes.

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Responsibility down to the smallest detail

As one of the most well-established companies in the mobility aids industry, Eurovema has acquired a huge amount of knowledge and experience in respect of products for specific needs. Over the course of just over 40 years, we have built up a good reputation and a strong organisation with its own development, design, manufacturing, and sales departments, all based at our facility in Gislaved, Sweden. Product components and spare parts are manufactured, as far as possible, by local sub-contractors.

Our holistic approach covers the entire development and manufacturing process, which affords our customers significant flexibility and short lead times. Our sustainability perspective covers both people and the environment, and we continually strive to minimise our environmental impact at all stages. Responsibility and care go hand in hand.

All our products are CE-marked and checked in accordance with the European medical devices regulation MDR 2017/745 for health, safety, function, and the environment. Eurovema is involved in all stages, for both training and development, usually all the way to the end user.

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