Our well-designed rollators are known for being both lightweight and stable. Volaris includes both flexible indoor rollators, junior rollators as well as durable and robust versions for outdoor use or users with special needs. All models offer high comfort with pleasant steering and compliance, even on uneven ground, as well as a safe, easily accessible brake. The cross construction facilitates folding and handling. All Volaris rollators have a stable seat that is also adjustable in height.


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rollator compact croped


Light and flexible indoor rollator. The cross function makes it easy to fold and can remain upright in the folded position.

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Rollator Smart


Affordable rollator for indoor and outdoor use. Unique frame construction means that it makes its way smoothly and smoothly over bumps and thresholds.

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rollator patrol croped


Stable rollator with four large wheels that make it easier to get around on uneven surfaces outdoors. Seat and handle can be easily adjusted in height.

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rollator discovery croped ny


Popular, stable and safe rollator for activities or rest breaks both indoors and outdoors. Very easy to fold for transport and storage.

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rollator kid croped


Safe and well-balanced junior rollator with generous space between the rear wheels, which makes walking easier for children with orthotics or a wide gait.

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rollator RA croped


Rollator with forearm support that is adjustable in all directions. Built on our collapsible cross function and adapted for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Volaris Mini


Mini is a safe, well-balanced small rollator that is equally at home both indoors and outdoors.

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volaris hp 800x1200 73A3676


Volaris HP provides mobility support and is designed to be a walking aid for people suffering from weakness on one side of the body.

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