EXL is a work chair developed for extra-large and heavy people with a disability. The EXL chair is built to tolerate user weights up to 270 kg and is available in two different seat lift versions: one with electric adjustment, and one with gas piston adjustment.

Accessory code E06

Accessories, Euroflex
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Technical details


The EXL seat is equipped with an extra reinforced seat cross, while the back is secured with double tube to guarantee a high level of stability. The seat is adjustable 3 degrees forwards and backwards. Both seat and back are available in several different sizes.

Seat height is adjusted with the help of gas or electricity, with both versions available in a high or low seat height version. Both are listed after each other in the technical data sheet in the order “high, low”.

* The position of the actuator in the chassis can be adjusted by loosening a screw joint, affecting the highest and lowest seat height. The position can be adjusted in 1 cm steps up to +8 cm.

Seat (width x depth)60x45, 60x50, 70x50, 70x55 cm
Seat width (between armrests)55-90 cm
Seat height, electric (height to the underside of the seat) *36-52 cm, 44-68 cm
Seat height, gas (height to underside of seat) *40-55 cm, 46-66 cm
Seat depth36-53 cm*, 44-69cm*
Seat angle-3º to +3º
Backrest height, adjustable35-45 cm
Back (width x height)55x35 cm, 65x35 cm
UpholsteryBlack Atlantic
Armrest height, adjustable8-26 cm
Armrest plate40x8x5 cm


The EXL chassis is extra reinforced with dual lifting devices and has easy-roll wheels for smooth movement. A generous space between the wheels makes it easier to get in and out of the chair while also allowing the user to kick the chair forwards whilst sitting in it. Raising and lowering is done either using an electric lift actuator or a manual gas piston. The electric version comes with electric brakes that lock on 4 wheels as standard, while the manual version features brakes that lock the rear wheels.

Chassis, width85 cm
Chassis, length71 cm
Total weight51 kg
User weight, max270 kg
BrakeLever brake/electric brake
Wheel size100 mm


Product sheet EXL


User Manual Work Chair EXL


User Manual Work Chair EXL


User Manual Work Chair EXL


User Manual Work Chair EXL


Exploded view / Spare parts EXL


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