The clinic chair is a chair that streamlines patient examinations at, for example, eye and ear clinics. Through a number of different adjustment possibilities, it creates good ergonomics for doctors and nurses as well as for the patient. The simple and functional controls meet the needs of quick adjustments. The artificial leather upholstery makes it easy to keep clean.

Accessory code E05

Accessories, Euroflex
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Technical details


sittsystem arbetsstol clinic

Clinic has a slightly cupped seat with a so-called seat pit. The backrest provides good support in the lower back and is available in different sizes. Seat angle is standard and both seat depth and back height can be adjusted. The ergonomically designed seating system offers an upright and pleasant comfort.

For electric raising, the chair can be equipped with a wireless or fixed control box.

Seat (width x depth)46x46 cm
Seat width (between armrests)40-59 cm
Seat depth46 cm
Seat height Gas (height to the underside of the seat)40-55 cm, 46-66 cm
Seat height El (height to the underside of the seat)40-58 cm, 45-70 cm
Seat angle-20º to 0º
Backrest height, adjustable37-54 cm
Back (width x height)35x30, 35x44, 40x30, 40x44 cm
Back angulation30º
UpholsteryBlack Atlantic
Armrest height, adjustable0-26 cm
Armrest plate30x8x3 cm


chassi arbetsstol clinic

A white variant of Basic whose wheels roll very easily and follow the unevenness of the floor. The chassis has generous space between the wheels, which makes it easy to kick forward with the chair. The easily accessible and adjustable brake is located out of the way for lateral movement to another seat. Classic brakes on the rear wheels as standard, but can easily be changed to front wheel brake or four wheel brake. The two-part chassis means that the chair stands firmly even on uneven ground.

Chassis, width58 cm
Chassis, length60 cm
Total weight23 kg (gas), 31 kg (el)
User weight, max140 kg
BrakeFoot brake
Wheel size100 mm
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